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GLP-1 Semaglutide / Tirzepitide Weight Loss Treatments are Finally Here!

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Best Weight Loss Center in Puyallup WA

Pacific Northwest Medical Group will help you build a better future for yourself. During your consultation, we go over a customized plan for your individual needs. We dive into understanding your past weight management efforts, considering your motivations, and discovering your strengths.


Pacific Northwest Medical Group
Pacific Northwest Medical Group
Pacific Northwest Medical Group

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A few things to know before starting your weight loss journey!

It's Not Your Fault You Didn't Keep the Weight Off

You've tried them all. Diet plan after diet plan, but nothing seems to work. You feel like you're just wasting money.

There's Hope on the Horizon

The FDA has approved their first new class of weight loss medications. Because of the approval, it offers adults who are obese or overweight the ability to a weight management program that is inclusive of a custom-blended medication.

How Impressive are the Results?

In their 68-week study, adults lost on average 35 lbs or 15% of their body weight. With continual use, one could see 30%!

GLP1 Meds Breakthrough 2023

Read More About the Scientific Breakthrough of 2023

Obesity plays out as a private struggle and a public health crisis. In the United States, about 70% of adults are affected by excess weight, and in Europe that number is more than half. The stigma against fat can be crushing; its risks, life-threatening. 

Now, a new class of therapies is breaking the mold, and there’s a groundswell of hope that they may dent rates of obesity and interlinked chronic diseases. The drugs mimic a gut hormone called glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), and they are reshaping medicine, popular culture, and even global stock markets in ways both electrifying and discomforting.

Watch the video below - you'll become an expert in 7mins!

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Financing Your Weight Loss Journey

Coverage for weight loss medications is not widely available. It is so important to check with your insurance to see if you are covered and understand the cost at hand. Find out more about our 1 year same as cash financing and simple coverage questions.

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Success Stories

Testimonials from real-life people on their weight loss journey.

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FDA Approved

Weight Loss Peptide Semaglutide

Control cravings and reduce your appetite to achieve significant weight loss with the newest FDA-approved prescription peptide for weight management.

Why Semaglutide?

Excess weight is largely a result of eating habits. With busy lifestyles, everyday stress, and our modern food supply; not to mention hormones and genetics, it seems we are set up to fail.

What is Semaglutide?

This under-the-skin injection is the first approved drug for chronic weight management in adults with general obesity or overweight.

What are the Benefits of Semaglutide?

It helps control appetite and cravings, setting you up for success. Benefits vary, but you may experience weight loss, improved fertility, smoking cessation, cardiovascular benefits, and neuroprotective treatment of PCOS.

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